Data Security

Cloud-Based Remote Servers

Off-Site Private Servers

Encrypted and Off-Site

We have a third party owned and operated server located off-site.

PCI Compliant

PCI Compliance Testing

We make sure to test regularly for PCI Compliance. Our system is fully tested quarterly by an independent third party.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance

We make sure that all data is obtained in compliance with HIPAA

Fire-Walled MSSQL Database

Our Database is protected 24/7/365 by a highly effective Fire Wall that is designed to be a protective digital barrier.

2-Factor Authentication

There is a 2-factor Authentication for login to our Server Administration Software.

Biometric Entry to Remote Server Locations

Biometric Entry is needed to enter the server locations.

Home Office Security

SonicWall Fire Wall

SonicWall fire wall is applied to all devices on site.

PassKey Entry

PassKey entry into offices

VPN Connection

We use a virtual private network to obtain the most secure connection possible.

PassKey Entry

PassKey entry into offices

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